The Core Team

Sally Old new v1.jpg

Sally Johnson
Co-founder / Creative Director

Previously a bona-fide singer songwriter, Sally stowed her guitar in favour of another kind of storytelling. These days she crafts the look and feel of the animated worlds that SANDBOXX creates, from colour palettes to character designs and the occasional obsession over the shape of a tree in the distant background.

As you might imagine, she also provides handy in-house sound design and music composition skills.


Sam Old new v1.jpg

Sam Beavis
Co-founder / Animation Director

Sam wanted to work for Disney as child. He claims there's still time. Whilst waiting, he's been a documentary camera-man, video editor and 3D modeller. Fortunately for us, he finally caught up with his younger self by becoming animator and starting SANDBOXX.

He knows far too many computer programs for his own good and over half of all his ideas involve space or time travel.


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/ Dog

Che studied human psychology and is so highly skilled, he can make people do anything he wants just by showing them his face.

Although not the hardest worker at SANDBOXX, Che excels at vetting collaborators and clients, as well as keeping the studio humble with daily reminders that he is the most important one.